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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "So most of us have read review after review on just how fantastic Ubuntu is. And you know something, they're right - this really is a fantastic Linux distribution for the newer Linux enthusiast. But there often times appear to be some confusion as to accomplishing tasks they once would do in Windows pretty easily. On the whole, the confusion stems from hardware compatibly issues and today we are going to look into resolving those issues with ease." Don't look at me concerning that weird sentence. I have no idea how to make it grammatically correct.
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Quote from article:
> Alright, so we nailed down the wireless problem.
And how? By buying a new supported card? That's just ridiculous.

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Exactly what is ridiculous about buying properly supported hardware? You wouldn't see me buying a sparc proc and sticking it in an x86 box, nor would I attempt to stick my Nvidia card in my SGI machine.

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Well, if you are serious about running GNU/Linux as your day to day system, it makes perfect sense to turn your rig from a Windows supported machine into a GNU/Linux supported machine.

I had to cut some losses, but in the end I wound up with a rig that runs GNU/Linux like a dream, but utterly refuses to install Windows XP. It's where your priorities lie.

If you expect GNU/Linux to be a cheap, copycat, drop-in replacement for MS Windows, I advise you to stear well clear from it. GNU/Linux is not Windows, never will be. GNU/Linux is a distinct Unix-style system.

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