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SGI and IRIX German technology website reports that SGI will completely abandon its MIPS processor architecture, including its operating system Irix, in favour of Linux-powered Itanium workstations. SGI used MIPS and Irix in its products for almost 20 years, and with this switch to Intel, yet another major (historically speaking, that is) company abandons its architecture for the more common Intel one.
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RE: Open source IRIX
by taos on Tue 5th Sep 2006 20:25 UTC in reply to "Open source IRIX"
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They probably don't have the resource to open-source IRIX, or the resource better spent somewhere else.

Look at how much time and effort Sun spent to open-source Solaris, several years and who knows how much money, which is still going on.

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Milo_Hoffman Member since:

Well, they did give dontate the very cool XFS filesystem of theirs to Linux as open source already.

I am not sure there is anything else all that special about Irix compared to any other *nix.

They have taken bunch of their "know-how" in other areas that SGI was known-for like NUMA, OpenGL etc and put it into Linux too.

See all their open source efforts here, its actually a pretty impressive list:

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uteck Member since:

Did they license most of Irix from SCO as a Unix derivative or is it like Solaris and a BSD derivative? If the former, then they can't open source it, if the latter, then they may just have to remove any closed code they don't own.

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taos Member since:

> Well, they did give dontate the very cool XFS filesystem of theirs to Linux as open source already.

I am aware of the SGI's contribution to Linux.
Not surprising since SGI is one of the earliest Unix vendors to pretty much give up their own arch and OS to Linux on Intel (Itanium).

However you cannot compare the amount of work for open-sourcing a filesystem (which runs on top of VFS that's commonly used by nix*) and SMP/NUMA code to the amount of work for open-sourcing the whole OS.

Of course, I also hope SGI can open-source all the cool technologies in IRIX, if not the whole OS.

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RE[2]: Open source IRIX
by SomeGuy on Wed 6th Sep 2006 03:49 in reply to "RE: Open source IRIX"
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Sun had the goals of keeping control of the systems, more or less, and generating a vibrant and Sun-oriented commmunity. I think IRIX fans would be happy just to get a code dump. Sure, it isn't a way of getting a vibrant development community going, but it certainly would be sufficient to enable driver updates to keep legacy applications working on newer systems, and more.

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