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SGI and IRIX German technology website reports that SGI will completely abandon its MIPS processor architecture, including its operating system Irix, in favour of Linux-powered Itanium workstations. SGI used MIPS and Irix in its products for almost 20 years, and with this switch to Intel, yet another major (historically speaking, that is) company abandons its architecture for the more common Intel one.
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RE: indiocolifa
by twenex on Tue 5th Sep 2006 21:44 UTC in reply to "indiocolifa"
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Linux is indeed gaining on HP-UX; the city of Bergen is replacing its HP-UX servers with Linux.

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RE[2]: indiocolifa
by indiocolifa on Tue 5th Sep 2006 21:50 in reply to "RE: indiocolifa"
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All right, may be I not getting the 'whole' picture. Wow, this Linux thing is a true revolution that will be remembered in the computing history books of the future... ;)

However, I think it's a good thing to wipe millon dollars operating systems. But this does not harm any big company, in fact, it's reinforcing it by using free work. Do you think the MS monopoly couldn't in the future to incorporate some free software to Windows (at least at slow rate) ?

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RE[2]: indiocolifa
by hraq on Tue 5th Sep 2006 23:12 in reply to "RE: indiocolifa"
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Where is the city of Bergen? in which county?

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RE[3]: indiocolifa
by twenex on Tue 5th Sep 2006 23:19 in reply to "RE[2]: indiocolifa"
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I assume you mean "which country". Norway. In case you mean "which county", Hordaland.

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