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SGI and IRIX German technology website reports that SGI will completely abandon its MIPS processor architecture, including its operating system Irix, in favour of Linux-powered Itanium workstations. SGI used MIPS and Irix in its products for almost 20 years, and with this switch to Intel, yet another major (historically speaking, that is) company abandons its architecture for the more common Intel one.
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Did they license most of Irix from SCO as a Unix derivative or is it like Solaris and a BSD derivative?

Dude! License IRIX from SCO? Drop back a bit and think this through a couple times and see what other impressions you get.

SCO doesn't own IRIX. No matter whether you mean [the] Santa Cruz Operation, now owned by SUN after changing it's name to Tarantella and switching focus from operating systems to interoperability software a la Citrix, nor by The SCO Group, formerly Caldera, a failed Linux vendor that currently gets a 5% commission from Novell on Unix SysV license sales. IRIX is a trademark of SGI and is their product. They may still license some SysV code. It's hard not to do since things like init scripts or printer script "filters" are all unpublished property of $vendor. Or you could replace the init system scripts with a binary a la Solaris.

The only reason they still exist is because about 7 months before bankruptcy they were able to attract investors by suing IBM for $3 beeeeelyon!

They showed Jay Schulist's clean room version of Berkeley Packet Filter code as one example of proof of their infringement claims.

These guys are clowns who have parlayed hundreds of millions of investor dollars into a failure so abject that it attempts to delay the inevitable with any available option.

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