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Windows Windows Vista may not ship in the European Union at the same time that it is released in the United States as a result of possible issues with European competition law, Microsoft acknowledged on Sept. 7. The problem from Microsoft's perspective is that the EU has been slow in letting the software giant know exactly what it needs in order for Windows Vista to ship in Europe.
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Let set things straight
by Jokel on Fri 8th Sep 2006 18:45 UTC
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First of all - Microsoft has to respect the law in every country it wants to work in. The EU has asked time and time again to open up their protocols etc. so other company's can write software that works with Windows. They just want fair competition - thats all...

Now Microsoft is dragging heels and trying to get fair competition off the table with every trick possible. The EU is not buying this behaviour and gave them a fine and a warning to stop this unfair practices...

Microsoft is angry and dont want to comply to the law. They want a special law for themselfes - saying they are a special case. Of course they are wrong here. Every company big or small has to respect the law of the country they are in, and Microsoft sould be no exception.

Now Microsoft cant get it the way they want it, so they try to mobilise the costumers, hoping to break the EU law under sheer strength of costumers grief.

Microsoft is misbehaving again and again, and this behaviour should not go unpunished. Everyone saying Microsoft is threated unfair is actually saying Microsoft sould be above the law and shuld be not be critisised, hold back or punished by anything or anyone..

To delay Vista is just another trick in a long row of tricks and misbehaviours in their quest to stand above any law in any country...

Sorry for my bad english - its not my native language. I hope I made my point clear tough...

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RE: Let set things straight
by NotParker on Fri 8th Sep 2006 19:22 in reply to "Let set things straight"
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"The EU has asked time and time again to open up their protocols etc. so other company's can write software that works with Windows."

Which law is that? The law against Intellectual Property? Why is stealing a companies IP allowed?

There is no law forcing companies to open up their private protocols! It doesn't exist.

The EU Anti-Competition Commision has a history of commisioners being forced to resign for corruption.

As time goes on we'll find out who bribed them.

The US should BAN all software from the EU in retaliation for this underhanded corrupt attack on Microsoft.

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