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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris Mandriva Linux 2007 RC1 has been released. This new release brings the Ia_Ora theme to KDE, and fixes some bugs concerning proprietary video drivers (especially nVIDIA), the b44 network driver, and much more. You can get it via the development (Cooker) mirror trees on ftp and http, and via the preferred method: .iso images (available through the same mirrors as the Cooker ones). There is a changelog too.
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RE: Come on guys...
by AdamW on Sat 9th Sep 2006 02:08 UTC in reply to "Come on guys..."
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Gael Duval was not and had for a long time not been the 'main man' at Mandriva when he departed. He was working mostly from home as the head of the community department; he was not directly involved in the management of the company or the development of any products. This was explained at the time, but obviously it needs to be explained again. Please judge the product on its quality and not on your judgment of the company's internal politics.

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