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Linux "Although most modern laptops nowadays tend to scare people off with an ugly 'Designed for Windows XP' mark, it does not mean that alternative operating systems, like GNU/Linux cannot be installed and function equally well. In this article I would like to describe a few common issues with Linux on laptops and maybe bust a few myths about using GNU/Linux on mobile computers."
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Currently it's only WinXP for me :(
by moondevil on Sat 9th Sep 2006 18:06 UTC
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I am the happy owner of a Fujistu Siemens laptop and even though I have Linux installed I hardly use it.

The reason is quite simple, I am yet to find a distribution that works out of the box with my laptop.

Current problems are screen resolution, sound card and WiFi.

I could try to solve this problems, after all I'm a Linux user since slackware 2.0. However nowadays I think my time is better spent elsewhere, not tweaking with configuration files.

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twenex Member since:

I have SuSE Linux 10 on a Fujitsu Siemens and it works (almost) perfectly, including screen resolution, sound card, and acpi.

One or two of the buttons (for volume, etc.) don't work, but otoh I never used them and I didn't find out until a friend used my laptop. Fortunately there is a separate dedicated volume control on the headphone socket, and laptop speakers are funny haha anyway.

For wireless I just got a D-Link G650 (not 650+, as apparently that has issues.) (The inbuilt Broadcom is probably a lost cause.)

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moondevil Member since:

You're right, but I don't feel like buying extra hardware just to be able to run Linux without problems.

Specially since a few things I do on the laptop, symbian development/game related stuff, are only possible on Windows.

So if I already have to dual boot, carrying extra stuff around (WiFi card) just because of Linux, just doesn't cut it.

Maybe in a few more months I will be able to find a working distribution.

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