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OSNews, Generic OSes Asbestos, a new prototype operating system, provides labeling and isolation mechanisms that help contain the effects of exploitable software flaws. Applications can express a wide range of policies with Asbestos's kernel-enforced label mechanism, including controls on inter-process communication and system-wide information flow. A new event process abstraction provides lightweight, isolated contexts within a single process, allowing the same process to act on behalf of multiple users while preventing it from leaking any single user's data to any other user. Initial tests have been promising, and Eddie Kohler, Asbestos's creator, hopes that within a few years, Asbestos will be an alternative to server operating systems such as Linux and Windows.
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RE[2]: Is it open source?
by pablo_marx on Sun 10th Sep 2006 02:48 UTC in reply to "Is it open source?"
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It is open source, and to get it the OS itself, you have to check the source out from their CVS server (no pre-compiled binaries). One piece is GPLed (Ethernet driver), the rest is a mixture of BSD/MIT licenses.

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