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General Unix Cygwin is a great alternative for those who feel constrained by working with the Windows environment. Cygwin lets you employ the best parts of each environment to fit your needs, whether through porting and development of applications, or simply using the applications in this flexible, powerful system.
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by on Tue 9th Aug 2005 21:29 UTC

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Cygwin isnít that bad, it has some nice points even, but I donít use it. I use MSYS. The one thing I never liked about Cygwin (this is shared with MSYS to a large extend) is that it is separate from windows. It dose not really integrate well. I canít use bash to browse windows and my python, perl or whatever install is not available under windows. So the one thing that could make Cygwin cool and useful to me just isnít there.

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RE: Cygwin
by on Wed 10th Aug 2005 02:59 in reply to "Cygwin"
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"can't use bash to browse windows"

I assume you mean your c: drive? you can...

try typing cd /cygdrive/c

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