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Privacy, Security, Encryption "Is Browser Security getting better? That is tough to say but Firefox is definitely not leading the way. Despite all the hype, despite all the Myths, Firefox 1.x has a worse security record so far in 2006 than Internet Explorer 6.x."
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RE: That is a blog entry!
by tomcat on Mon 11th Sep 2006 20:40 UTC in reply to "That is a blog entry!"
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Blog! Blog! Blog! That is not journalism, sorry (an offense to any serious journalist). It simply doesn't deserve a linkage to here.

That's analogous to saying, "Einstein is only a patent clerk! Relativity is bunk!"

Here's a different take: Deal with the facts presented by the article rather than try to shoot the messenger.

I think he makes a good point. Based on Secunia statistics, he's right: Firefox is less secure. Despite all of the "that isn't my experience" testimonials from its advocates.

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RE[2]: That is a blog entry!
by Splinter on Tue 12th Sep 2006 11:44 in reply to "RE: That is a blog entry!"
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Replying to the "FACTS" in the artical....

Current information from Secunia, after all we are worried about what is the most secure browser NOW not yesterday etc.

Firefox (
Unpatched 11% (4 of 35 Secunia advisories)
Most Critical Unpatched... is rated Less critical
IE (
17% (18 of 105 Secunia advisories)
Most Critical Unpatched... is rated Moderately critical
Opera 8.0 (
0% (0 of 15 Secunia advisories)
Most Critical Unpatched.... NONE
Opera 9.0 (
0% (0 of 0 Secunia advisories)
Most Critical Unpatched.... NONE (However you must note this is very new software)

Ok so Firefox currently has less unpatched advisories (by number and percent) than IE and is therefore currently the safer browser (also not the worst open advisory is less severe) and the last two Opera versions are better than both IE and Firefox

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