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SkyOS USB support has been (re-)added to SkyOS, including of course the USB stack, a UHCI driver, support for control, interrupt, and bulk transfers, a USB HUB driver, a USB HID Keyboard driver, a USB HID Mouse driver, a USB Mass storage driver for CBI devices, including USB Harddisks, card readers, etc. The USB stack has been written from scratch and a new release containing USB support is expected.
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Yay USB !
by Lakedaemon on Tue 12th Sep 2006 18:00 UTC
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Congratulations Robert !

Another important milestone is reached...

Now...other awesome (but very time-consuming) moves in the future would be :

1) Printer/scanner support (through a port of CUPS ?)
2) Wifi/ADSL
3) A port of java/open office...

With the initial DDK release and the rewrite of the USB stack, I hope a few drivers will be implemented by
third parties...that would be nice.

Go go go SkyOS !

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RE: Yay USB !
by Tomasz Dominikowski on Tue 12th Sep 2006 18:06 in reply to "Yay USB !"
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1) That's a little known fact, but CUPS was ported a long, long time ago. Robert decided against including it because, let me quote here, "it was too bloated". A native interface to CUPS drivers will be written. ;)

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RE[2]: Yay USB !
by Lakedaemon on Tue 12th Sep 2006 18:13 in reply to "RE: Yay USB !"
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mmhh..that's good news...

And I really like the fact that Roberts prefers to spend time and energy coding something good instead of choosing the easy path of porting/using something bloated.

That's a good investment that will pay in the long run.

edit : btw, I wasn't complaining in the previous post ;)
just stating some milestones that would bring SkyOS even closer to the day when you can use it as your primary OS (for the average user)...In an media-center configuration, it would be much sooner that that ;)

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