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SkyOS USB support has been (re-)added to SkyOS, including of course the USB stack, a UHCI driver, support for control, interrupt, and bulk transfers, a USB HUB driver, a USB HID Keyboard driver, a USB HID Mouse driver, a USB Mass storage driver for CBI devices, including USB Harddisks, card readers, etc. The USB stack has been written from scratch and a new release containing USB support is expected.
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RE[4]: People are paying for this?
by Isolationist on Tue 12th Sep 2006 22:09 UTC
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I am not, just can't believe that people have paid to test this OS that doesn't support USB, and is not opensource.

Putting that aside, surely it is best to let as many people test the OS as possible... much wider exposure. Why not let people download the betas for free to try it out and report bugs?

If Robert is so motivated and interested in his OS then why not open it to wider audience for testing? Hell, why not make it opensource and get more developers interested in it.

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One word: control

By limiting the beta, you get a smaller group and hence one that is more focused. Can you imagine Robert having to deal with bug thousands of bug reports?

And by paying you have a more vested interest in the outcome.

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Darkness Member since:

it does support USB now, no need to brag about the lack of it any more.

And did you ever realize that you can develop for skyos and improve it without access to the source? With a decent API you can do a lot.

Robert has his reasons for not open sourcing the kernel, it's the authors choice and working fine so far.

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