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Apple Apple held a special event for the press today. Most of the event was about iPods; prettier colours, bigger capacities, you know the drill. For the really interesting stuff, you had to sit out the whole thing: Apple gave us a sneak peek of a product coming in 2007. In Q1 2007, Apple will release a settop box, half the size of the Mac Mini, to which you can stream content. It has a built-in power supply, USB, ethernet, 802.11 'wireless component video', optical audio, HDMI ports, and old RCA stereo audio ports. It sports a Front Row-like interface, and can be controlled using the Apple remote. Its codename is 'iTV'; a different name will be chosen. It will work with iTunes on Macs and PCs, and it will cost USD 299. Update: Eugenia and I both blogged about the product announcements. Eugenia loves the gapless playback, and I miss adherence to industry standards.
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RE: iTunes 7
by MonkeyPie on Tue 12th Sep 2006 23:03 UTC in reply to "iTunes 7"
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I just installed it on my Mac here... and didn't like the scroll bars at first (because it was an unexpected change I guess)... but I think that I have grown accustomed to them now and kind of prefer them this way. Of course when you say "standard" Mac widgets, remember that we are about to get a new version of OS X. This could be a hint at some of the new stuff we will be getting.

As for the width of the Source Column.... are you looking for something to complain about? Because if you are, don't complain about the size of it. If you use a screen measurement tool, you will find that the default width for the new one is actually narrower than the default for 6.0.5.


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RE[2]: iTunes 7
by ThawkTH on Wed 13th Sep 2006 00:42 in reply to "RE: iTunes 7"
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I seem to be having issues with iTunes 7... Everything plays fine etc etc unless I start doing something else that uses any real cpu/resources - browsing firefox, talking in trillian. Both things that I've ALWAYS done listening to music in iTunes. I know my 512 mb RAM and Athon XP 2000+ aren't amazing, but with a sound blaster audigy 2 and clean/function XP Pro, I'd guess it would handle things better than this....

I'll play around a bit to see if it's an issue of mine or a bug for more users. Too bad there's no iTunes bugzilla, so I can at least see what issues others are having ;)

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