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SkyOS USB support has been (re-)added to SkyOS, including of course the USB stack, a UHCI driver, support for control, interrupt, and bulk transfers, a USB HUB driver, a USB HID Keyboard driver, a USB HID Mouse driver, a USB Mass storage driver for CBI devices, including USB Harddisks, card readers, etc. The USB stack has been written from scratch and a new release containing USB support is expected.
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RE[5]: People are paying for this?
by adamk on Tue 12th Sep 2006 23:13 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: People are paying for this?"
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Sometimes the responses from the people close to SkyOS let transpire a sense that people are forking out $30 to support the project (as it if were a donation to the SkyOS cause), when those who opened their wallets may think different and feel entitled to a better response other than "have you posted a bug?" reply.

I, personally, can agree with that... I have nearly about forty open bugs in Mantis for SkyOS. And while I don't doubt that Robert regularly works on them, and many of them are probably no longer valid, it's still frustrating to see some long standing bugs that directly impact the usability of the OS be put on hold while Robert works on something like quake3arena, which I have no use for...

But, alas, I knew the risks when I went ahead and forked out the $30... And, frankly, so did everyone else who forked out the $30 :-)

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> I knew the risks when I went ahead and forked out the $30...

Sure. But I would not assume that everyone is aware of those risks, and that's probably a fact that SkyOS will have to live with. :-)

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