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SkyOS USB support has been (re-)added to SkyOS, including of course the USB stack, a UHCI driver, support for control, interrupt, and bulk transfers, a USB HUB driver, a USB HID Keyboard driver, a USB HID Mouse driver, a USB Mass storage driver for CBI devices, including USB Harddisks, card readers, etc. The USB stack has been written from scratch and a new release containing USB support is expected.
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Re[6]: People are paying for this?
by GregV on Wed 13th Sep 2006 02:25 UTC
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Robert has SkyOS closed source for the very same reason other developers decide to have their projects opensource. It is simply his choice. Since open source is all about freedom, Robert should also have the free-choice not market his code under an open source license.

Now, with that said, at one point SkyOS *was* open source. During this time outside developers helped out writing the kernel, making drivers and so forth. Robert found it simply didn't work for him. I don't know the *exact* reason why, but I believe some of the "core" group left the project and others simply didn't work to well with the project, and it just became a hassle to have SkyOS open source(at least, thats what I remember, but I might be wrong, don't quote me on that).

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Nobody is questioning Robert for his choice. If he wants to keep it closed, so be it. He wants to charge for the beta program? That's ok too. It is his work after all.

But those decisions carry certain consequences in how people may perceive the project, whether he likes it or not.

There is certain leniency towards open source projects; people can be forgiving (and even generous) because they recognize that the work is being done by volunteers on their time; there is also the premise that the code is open for anyone to see and use (maybe under certain conditions, depending on the license).

You cannot expect the same forgiveness (and generosity) towards closed projects for which money has to be paid to beta test. That is, IMHO, a direct consequence of Robert's decision to close source SkyOS and charge money to give access to their beta program.

So, it is his decision, yes. But the consequences may be out of his control.

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"You cannot expect the same forgiveness (and generosity) towards closed projects for which money has to be paid to beta test."

Yes, but most of the criticism is handed by people that do not own the SkyOS beta, and have never used SkyOS. The beta testers are generally the most understanding and patient of all the people that follow SkyOS's continued development.

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