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Microsoft Usually, we do not report on .mp3 players. However, sometimes we cannot go around them. Today is one of those times: Microsoft has launched its supposed iPod killer, the Zune. "Not a lot of surprises in the specs department, but they've confirmed the basics we've known for a while, like WiFi, 30GB of HDD, built-in FM, a 3-inch screen and the basic music, pictures and video playback. They also finally let slip the screen res - an unsurprising QVGA - and some better news on the codec front: the Zune supports h.264, MP3, AAC and WMA."
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Awkward looking
by MonkeyPie on Thu 14th Sep 2006 21:42 UTC
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Is it just me or does it seem like this is sort of awkward to hold and yet control comfortably?

I mean with the size of the screen and the controls so close to the bottom it looks difficult to keep from touching the screen and hold it with comfort. And how much weight is in the top part and is it going to cause strain from the unsupported weight in the top pressing down and away from the bottom? Here is a still taken from the video showing what I am talking about. See how their fingers are kind of splayed out to help support it and yet control it:

With my iPod I can simply "palm" it and grip it with my closed fingers and yet have easy access to the scroll wheel with my thumb and not have to worry about my fingers covering the screen.

Just the first thing that popped up in my head when I watched the videos. I won't actually judge the thing until I have actually used it but it does look awkward to me.


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RE: Awkward looking
by tomcat on Fri 15th Sep 2006 23:07 in reply to "Awkward looking"
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Is it just me or does it seem like this is sort of awkward to hold and yet control comfortably?

It's just you.

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