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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris "MandrivaLinux will shortly introduce a new round of releases for its Corporate Server, Corporate Desktop, and PowerPack Edition GNU/Linux distributions. While preparing to review these operating systems I sent some interview questions to Mandriva's CEO, Francois Bancilhon."
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The beauty of open source - everyone can use other's work, and build upon it.

yup .. yet still ... credit should go where credit is due ...

But I still find apt4rpm with Synaptic, ..., to be the best of the lot.

And so do I ..

BTW, is PClinuxOS using "bm" (build manager) to create it's rpm?

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"BTW, is PClinuxOS using "bm" (build manager) to create it's rpm?"

Dunno. That's probably a question to ask of Texstar over at the PCLinuxOS forums.

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