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Games For the 5th+ iPod generation Apple has just introduced downloadable games and so far they offer 9 games for $4.99 each. Looking back in the classic era of computer gaming we remember some real gems that would fit right into the "keep it simple stupid" philosophy of the iPod. So, let's have some fun and suggest 10 classic games that would specifically work well with the iPod scroll wheel interface.
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Here is my recommendation....
by jbalmer on Fri 15th Sep 2006 08:43 UTC
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I do not own an ipod so am not aware if these games are already included in it. But here goes...

Snake - love playing it. And it can be played with the scroll wheel

tetris - Involves rotating the blocks that fall down and then a left or right movement.

rallyx - a game where you try and retrieve all the flags before fuel of your car runs out or your car gets caught by those chasing you.

ChromiumBSU - a game in linux which is remarkable in its graphical effects as much as its simplicity. It is built using opengl.

MsPac - the sister/girlfriend of PacMan ;-) much tougher to win but more enjoyable than pacman.

dig dug - Another great classic game

Pengo - a game where you control a penguin to slide the blocks to trap and kill all the ghosts.

I know a lot more ... but these are those that come to my mind as of now.

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Eugenia Member since:

I am afraid all the ones you mentioned either exist (pacman, tetris), or they are completely unusable with the scroll wheel. Snake and DigDug are impossible to move correctly for example. Only for Pengo might be possible.

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As someone who played bomberman a lot, I really don't see how it could be made to work properly with the wheel.
You need to be able to change direction very quickly and sharply, and the wheel doesn't seem conductive to that.

Having played it both on various concoles and on PC (Atomic bomberman), I think that without any doubt the best input device for that game is the keyboard. Atomic bomberman is much, much faster than most versions of bomberman, yet it is very playable thanks to the keyboard.

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jbalmer Member since:

Snake and DigDug are impossible to move correctly for example. Only for Pengo might be possible.

I have snake game on my mobile phone. So I do not think it is a problem to play using scroll wheel. Since there is only the X and Y movement, scroll wheel can be no problem to use.

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As someone who has actually played these games, I think you don't understand how versatile the controls can be.

For pac man, you do not "scroll" the wheel.  The wheel is divided into four sections (up, right, down, left) and you tap in the appropriate direction to move pac man.  It's very natural and similar to a gamepad (though admittedly larger).

Any game that can use a game pad and a single button could use this interface effectively.

Disclosure:  I am currently finishing an internship at Apple, though not in the iPod group.  

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