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Window Managers FVWM-Crystal is an eye-candy, functional and ultra-fast desktop environment for GNU/Linux and Unix, based on FVWM. Crystal can be used even on very old machines, thus it is a noticeable alternative to popular desktop choices like XFCE or Fluxbox.
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great article
by alcibiades on Sat 16th Sep 2006 21:04 UTC
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Really enjoyed the article - the enthusiasm is so clear. This, things like elive, slax, its the true spirit of open source, people just doing things they like, with other like minded people joining in. Its the antithesis of the 'computer as appliance' that 'just works' with 'user interface guidelines' fascism. These guys will never dream of doing Bob the paperclip. Its really a celebration of a certain innocent diversity and enthusiasm. We aren't all alike, one size doesn't fit all, and we are not here to control you or even hold your hand.

And who knows, might just try it.

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RE: great article
by Chezz on Sat 16th Sep 2006 23:58 in reply to "great article"
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"Me too"

I like the screenshots more tho ;)

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