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In the News "Some buyers of Apple's new MacBook notebook are hopping mad about random restarts and heat problems that don't fit with Apple's image. Still, Dell might be happy to have Apple's current problem and a bit of its banked reputation. How long can a solid-gold brand take a beating and keep on ticking? Apple Computer will find out this quarter with the growing list of user complaints about its recently released MacBook notebook model randomly shutting down."
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That's strange, since I was also just at AN Apple Store myself. I just got back from Houston, Texas. I went down to see my friends and I thought I would go into the Galleria and talk with another friend of mine that works at the Apple Store there.

He works the Genius Bar and while I was there I didn't hear one person complain about their laptop. I am not saying you are exaggerating or anything like that but my experience was somewhat different. Heck, I was even there for about an hour and a half waiting for him to get off of work. Didn't hear a single person complaining except that they had run out of green Nanos already.


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Nothing particular strange about it.

Our company puchased three Macbooks at the beginning of the year. One had the cronic shutdown problem and was sent back to Apple and replaced in about 5 weeks (too long if you ask me).

Three months later another three Macbooks were ordered. One also had the same shutdown problem and was sent back to Apple. When it came back it developed the same problem again and was back a week or two ago. We are still waiting for the replacement

How can this just be a bad batch?. Based on our experiences it seems that one in three Macbooks are faulty.


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