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In the News "Some buyers of Apple's new MacBook notebook are hopping mad about random restarts and heat problems that don't fit with Apple's image. Still, Dell might be happy to have Apple's current problem and a bit of its banked reputation. How long can a solid-gold brand take a beating and keep on ticking? Apple Computer will find out this quarter with the growing list of user complaints about its recently released MacBook notebook model randomly shutting down."
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RE[3]: Intel Boards
by tomcat on Mon 18th Sep 2006 17:40 UTC in reply to "RE: Intel Boards"
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You are making a fatal assumption, that enough QA will always find problems that occur in the field. No company on this planet can have a QA test matrix large enough to handle ever single scenario a customer can put a product through.

Problems can and do happen in the field no matter how good your engineering and system building proccess. Multi-symptom problems are hard to diagnose. Especially if there are marginal parts in manufacturing or the process itself.

None of that relieves Apple of responsibility when failures DO occur.

So far there is no data that Apple is ignoring the problem.

Let's hope that Apple continues to be as responsive.

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RE[4]: Intel Boards
by Arun on Mon 18th Sep 2006 19:36 in reply to "RE[3]: Intel Boards"
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None of that relieves Apple of responsibility when failures DO occur.

No where did I say Apple is relieved of responsibility. Apple in fact is taking responsibility.

Do you have proof that they are blaming Intel or are not diagnosing the issue or even not working on fixes?

Absent such evidence you can't claim that Apple isn't doing the needful. I questioned the notion that Apple didn't do enough QA.

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