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NetBSD Geert Hendrickx has announced the third release candidate of NetBSD 3.1. Binaries and .iso's can be found on the ftp site, or on one of the mirrors. "We anticipate this to be the final release candidate for the NetBSD 3.1 release, so, if no serious problems arise, we expect NetBSD 3.1 to be released on October 2."
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Re: nice to see
by kwag on Tue 19th Sep 2006 01:15 UTC
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Actually, that recent fighting on the mailing lists was started by a single person, and the result is that it brought the NetBSD team closer together.
So it was actually a positive effect ;)
Can't wait for the release, so I can upgrade a couple of production servers (I386/Sparc 64) ;)

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RE: Re: nice to see
by Janizary on Tue 19th Sep 2006 14:48 in reply to "Re: nice to see"
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Closer together? What are you on man? There was no result, the NetBSD Foundation made damned sure noone said a thing, hoping the fact that a founder of the project's opinion would just be ignored if they didn't respond.

With people like you around, it appears their tactic of doing nothing worked like a charm, you seem to think that everything is peachy.

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RE[2]: Re: nice to see
by ebasconp on Tue 19th Sep 2006 18:20 in reply to "RE: Re: nice to see"
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I agree with Janizary. I thought that after all the complaints mentioned by Hannum, the NetBSD(R) foundation could give an explaination of what is going on inside the project. Nothing has actually passed.

I also thought that Hannum would start a new fork of NetBSD following the steps of Theo de Raadt or Matt Dillon.

In the other side, we, the users, do not know when several things are going to be implemented inside the OS: Clean support for SMP, X11 in the user base, improved ACPI support, etc.

Maybe it's time to move to a state-of-the-art BSD like DragonFly or to more alive BSDs like FreeBSD or OpenBSD? Only time will tell.

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