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General Unix Cygwin is a great alternative for those who feel constrained by working with the Windows environment. Cygwin lets you employ the best parts of each environment to fit your needs, whether through porting and development of applications, or simply using the applications in this flexible, powerful system.
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Cygwin very good but still a pain
by on Wed 10th Aug 2005 11:43 UTC

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Cygwin fans do disservice to the FOSS community.
Well, it does to Windows too : each time I launch the Cygwin install to upgrade, I see the Win2000 box slow down to a crawl, with some regular 5 s time frame when it does not respond anymore (I'm doing it right now, typing in Wordpad is a pain).
The disservice is that lots of MS shills installs it, and then come bashing Linux and its apps, because they believe the crappy environment they then get (yes, Cygwin is powerful, but it is still crappy compared to the true thing) is equivalent to Linux on the desktop.
This article is a disservice too. Sure enough, Cygwin does not (because it can't) provide the best of both platforms (Windows, Linux). KDE and Gnome are HEAVILY DEGRADED under these environment, they are nothing like the real thing, that needs special features from the Linux kernel to gain all their power. I bet most people complaining about GIMP use it in such an environment, for example. And then, Cygwin is SLOW compared to a true Linux environment, and finally, Cygwin means lots of command line (even to start X !!), which is just not true for a true Linux setup.


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