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Mac OS X Apparantly, it's damn lies statistics time again in the Apple world, boys and girls. A few days ago, Net Applications published OS market share figures which showed that the market share of the Mac OS remained largely flat over the past year. However, today, the Switchtoamac website posted an article which looks at the same set of figures in a different way, only to conclude that when you compare last year's figures to this year's, the Mac OS has risen 25% in marketshare. We all know the saying: there are lies... Damn lies... Funny detail: while the debate rages on about half percentage points for the Mac OS, Windows XP increased its share by 8 percent the past 12 months. According to these figures, of course.
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Great analysis
by trader on Thu 21st Sep 2006 15:32 UTC
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What the article points out is that the data from Market Share lists 2 different operating systems for Apple.

1. Mac OS
2. MacIntel

So, the other stories earlier in the week failed to scroll down to see "MacIntel" in the data. The article is very detailed and convincing.

I also looked at Windows XP data, although XP rose, all other Windows variants declined. The article over at switch to a mac demonstrates that Windows has actually lost market share so far in 2006.

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RE: Great analysis
by Thom_Holwerda on Thu 21st Sep 2006 15:44 in reply to "Great analysis"
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The results from both articles can exist side-by-side, one does not exclude the other.

The first article (Inq) says that when looking at 2006, Apple's market share did not increase month-over-month.

The second article (switchtoamac) says that when looking at both 2005 and 2006, Apple's market share rose year over year.

Point: same figures, different results. I try to steer away from market share figures until I can combine multiple points of view into one newsitem, like this one. I hope you guys understand that, as it provides the whole picture, instead of a single-sided one, as is the case with various other webistes.

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RE[2]: Great analysis
by Lu-Tze on Thu 21st Sep 2006 16:56 in reply to "Great analysis"
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While I agree with the Mac OS and Mac Intel issue. I wouldn't call this "great analysis" by a long shot. First, the author exaggerates the effect of this omission by starting his graphs at 3.25% instead of 0%. I understand the site is biased towards Macs but still. Second, though the "analysis" finds that YOY increase is there, if you look at the actual market share, all that increase in Sept-Dec 2005 and the share is pretty much flat throughout 2006. While this could mean that most Mac sales occur in the last calendar quarter (like any other business) and there may be another spike in the months to follow but the YOY analysis buries that result which a month to month or just the raw market share numbers do show.

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