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Linux "Is Linux a good choice for your old PC? In this article I'm going to examine the main issues connected with using GNU/Linux on some very old hardware. I will also cover choosing a distro, a desktop and the key applications for such a configuration."
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RE: I love the challenge...
by jcinacio on Thu 21st Sep 2006 16:35 UTC in reply to "I love the challenge..."
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I don't see why linux can't be used on any post-386 hardware.

the Linux OS isn't the problem; it's when you want a full desktop environment and apps that things start to need more CPU and specially RAM.

A 686-compatible cpu and 256MB really are enough for the [Linux] OS part, it's the apps that need more memory...

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a computer isn't much use without the apps, therefore, the apps are almost the most important criteria. you have to take a good look at what you want to do with the system, then choose the OS and apps most appropriate for that system

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That just depends on what you use it for. I've set up lots of firewalls and routers on that kind of hardware, but doubt I would enjoy using it for a workstation.

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I fully agree!

No one NEEDS a super fast computer to do Web Browsing, E-Mail, word Processing, and Excel.

Get yourself an old Pentium-II, and run software that runs well on it.

I volunteer for a non-profit, so we have all donated hardware. Mostly Pentium 233 and 266 machines. I pieced a bunch out and loaded each of them with as much memory as I could cram into the "good ones". (usually 256Mb)

They run Windows 2000, Office 97, Firefox, and Calypso for E-Mail. These machines have no problem meeting the needs of our program. We keep most of our records in an Access 97 Database mailmerged with forms created in Word 97.

The whole idea is not to try to run Office 2007 on Your K6-2 500... Office 2000 was the thing at the time your system was created... it will run better.

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