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AMD AMD chief executive Hector Ruiz said Wednesday that Apple will eventually use its microprocessors alongside those from Intel. Ruiz made the comments during a dinner speech at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, according to Bloomberg. "Everybody wants choice," he said, adding that rival Intel's practices have stifled the PC industry's growth. "Knowing Apple, why would they want to be held hostage like everyone else has been?"
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Yes, Apple's eager...
by snozzberry on Thu 21st Sep 2006 23:55 UTC
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2005-11-14 join forces once again with the CEO who repeatedly screwed it on Motorola chip deliveries.

My guess is that AMD's lobbing not-so-subtle threats at Apple as far as ATI video card pricing is concerned; before The Switch Mac Minis had ATI video onboard, and now they've lost that market to Intel integrated graphics.

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RE: Yes, Apple's eager...
by bousozoku on Fri 22nd Sep 2006 00:58 in reply to "Yes, Apple's eager..."
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He's not really saying anything concrete, just creating hype.

As has been noted elsewhere. He was in charge when Steve Jobs returned to Apple and canceled the clone programme, leaving Motorola and others with large quantities of systems.

I'm not sure who had it worse.

In any case, Steve Jobs' long lasting friendship with Andy Grove had a lot to do with Apple's using Intel's chipsets, as much as the technology itself. He did give PowerPC a fair shake, though.

If AMD has a chance, it'll have to be more than just hype.

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