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Features, Office Based on information discussed at the OOoCON conference in Lyon, OpenOffice starting with version 2.0.4 may include Firefox-like extensions. Also on the board is to incorporate the use of Mozilla Sunbird and Thunderbird into the OOo suite, connectors for Sun Calendaring and Microsoft Exchange support, and even an eventual redesign of OpenOffice 3.0 to run on top of Eclipse, Netbeans or Mozilla's XUL.
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RE[3]: Speed really is an issue
by flywheel on Fri 22nd Sep 2006 04:41 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Speed really is an issue"
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Also the OO.O developers does not have the full specs on the Windows APIs- which the MS-Office developers do have. This makes it possible for the MS-Office developers, potentially to create more stable, faster and secure applications, than the OO.O developers.

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You're wrong. There are no hidden functions in Windows that MS Office developers can use. That's a myth for lazy developers. Linux, X has open specification so why OO is even slower than in Windows. Try find somewhere StarOffice 4.0 and run it. It is faster on Linux, Windows, MacOS, OS/2 than MS Office. Sun bougth StarOffice and made it slow and resource hog. That is the truth.

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That is the unfortunate nature of a easy portable framework. XUL got the same disadvantage.
The Stardivision StarOffice was different animals.

Also, if nothing has ever been hidden from the public - why was MS convicted to disclose the specs of 300 APIs and protocols last year in europe ?

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"""You're wrong. There are no hidden functions in Windows that MS Office developers can use. That's a myth for lazy developers."""

You might want to ask the Wine and Crossover developers about that.

You see, it's pretty obvious when they try to run MS apps against wine's extant API and the app complains about nonexistent calls that are nowhere to be found in the documentation, and which non-MS apps don't use.

This is not some secret that only MS can know for sure. This is quite verifiable by third parties.

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