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Internet & Networking Internet overseeing organisation ICANN will become an autonomous body, free from any form of government control, on 1 October 2008, if plans drawn up between it and the US government go according to plan. The current agreement between ICANN and the US Department of Commerce is due to expire next week, but speculation has been mounting for months over what will happen to management of the internet's vital domain name system.
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RE[4]: How will this affect...
by ferrels on Fri 22nd Sep 2006 15:32 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: How will this affect..."
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Since you decided to stoop to name calling in your very first sentence, the I will stoop to your level and call you a left-wing, liberal nut job who has no idea what goes on inside America's borders nor outside your own borders. You've probably never even traveled abroad and you assume that everything you see in your country's news outlets is true. News agencies are businesses like any other. They sell a product and if they can embellish the product to make a few more sales, then that's what they'll do. All businesses do it.

If you are so worried about this issue, then why don't you petition YOUR government to have is own DNS system and set up a "national intranet" that is specific to your country's borders and needs. No one is forcing you to connect to Bush's New Order or the Evil American Empire.

It's all about money really. He who controls ICANN controls billions in commerce. Asking the Americans to give up their control over ICANN is about like asking the Saudis to give up control over their oil fields.....get real people!

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RE[5]: How will this affect...
by twenex on Fri 22nd Sep 2006 16:02 in reply to "RE[4]: How will this affect..."
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In case you hadn't noticed, the Internet is now bigger than America. There would be no justification for other countries butting in on America's control of the internet if it were still a university network connecting American universities, but as I understand it rhere were already non-American universities connected to the internet before the creation of the Web.

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woosh look at the brainwashed talking!

In any case, this is my last reply here, I'm not going to bother a fuel this crap.

I was only un the UK, but I have family in US. I don't know what they did to your brain but let me tell you something, you sound worse than a commie fanboy and I know what I'm talking about this time...

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