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Windows The Windows Client team explains the reasoning behind an important change in Vista's user interface. "One of the first things people notice when they start using Vista is the absence of menu bars. Explorer, photo gallery, media player, and IE all don't show menus by default and just use the so-called 'command module'. What is up with that? Do we hate menu bars? And more importantly - what is the guidance that third-party developers are supposed to follow? Let me break it down for you." And on a slightly related note: Mary Jo Foley has left MicrosoftWatch to start working at ZDNet.
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What's going on here?
by ccchips on Fri 22nd Sep 2006 18:32 UTC
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Did the people who design software forget that there are people out here who can't use a mouse very well, or not at all????

For cryin' out loud, I'm starting to wish I'd never use a computer in my life!

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RE: What's going on here?
by macisaac on Sat 23rd Sep 2006 03:02 in reply to "What's going on here?"
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exactly. though I can use a mouse, and often do so, a while back at work I noticed that I was developping a _lot_ of pain in my right hand/arm. Being that I hardly do any hand writing, and I spend most of my working day behind a computer, the only difference I could see between my left and right hands to cause this difference in pain was one the right I use a mouse, on the left I don't.

so, I set about deliberately minimizing mouse usage at work, learning and mapping out keystroke shortcuts and such, and eventually getting one those nifty ergo keyboards. and the pain gradually got more and more manageable.

these types of software requiring you to be clicking all around to get use out of them mean more pain for folk like me, so no thanks. (that and personally other than for the really simple stuff, back, home, forward, etc., I find when everything's an icon on an app, I have to mouseover them a bunch and wait for some tooltip to show up (hopefully) explaining what the heck it's supposed to mean.)

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