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General Development "The wxWidgets toolkit contains powerful, cross-platform tools for graphical user interface development. In addition to its native C++, several languages offer wrappers for use with the toolkit. Learn how to use the wxWidgets toolkit to create elegant and highly useful GUIs in your language of choice."
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It tried many times to use it but..
by reduz on Sat 23rd Sep 2006 01:16 UTC
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Docummentation is horrible.. It's even worse than Gtkmm. I just can't figure out anything from it. They should learn from Qt and documment it as well.

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Really? There are a few strange things, but in general I think it's pretty easy to use if you look at the examples and documentation. Also, there's a great book:

The thing I missed was the signals and slots mechanism from Qt, but the wxWidgets mechanism isn't unusable by any means... just takes a little getting used to.

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