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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris "Gael Duval, the founder of the popular MandrivaLinux project, was fired from Mandriva last spring in an effort to cut costs. Almost immediately afterward, Duval began work on a new GNU/Linux distribution, Ulteo. As of this writing, Ulteo has not yet released its first beta edition, but it should be available soon. While we're all waiting, I figured I'd ask Mr Duval some questions about Ulteo, Mandriva, and starting GNU/Linux projects in general."
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Boycot Mandriva
by pepa on Sun 24th Sep 2006 19:15 UTC
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Reading the interview, and how Mandrake's creator was done away with, is enough reason for me to boycot ever even trying Mandriva again. Boooo for Francois Bancilhon!

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RE: Boycot Mandriva
by arctic on Sun 24th Sep 2006 20:06 in reply to "Boycot Mandriva"
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That is enough for boycotting Mandriva? Well, I do not like the move they made at Mandriva either, but I do not boycott them because of that. That is imho a bit childish. I rate them more by the product they create (and if it adheres to the principles of the OSS movement) and by their willingness to listen to their user-base. The first part is quite okay. Their products have a high quality and are freely available (okay, the server costs you money, but the rest that is OSS is free for download).

The second part is a bit more tricky. They ignored many users for a long time but I get the impression that this is changing a lot lately. E.g. AdamW is around here, answering questions of the community, then they asked the users for some feedback on how the next release should look like (We shouted for a new metatheme in order to replace Galaxy and we finally got one), they answered directly to all suggestions and criticism I had sent to them and they apparently did care about them. So I guess things are changing here, too.

Now on Gael Duval.
1. Yes, his firing was not the best PR move by F.B. BUT (!) neither me nor many other people know what really happened behind the scenes that led to Duval being fired. No one ever fires someone without a good reason from one day to the next. And let's face it: Bancilhon has to run a company, not a tea-party where everyone is in happy Teletubby-land. In the business world you get fired at times or you fire people at times, even if you don't want to. If Bancilhon would have fired someone else from Mandriva, I guess you would not cry that loud "foul".

2. Duval has talked a lot about Ulteo but I haven't seen any results yet although I keep an eye on Ulteo from the very first day. Yes, it is hard to create a project, but he postponed the first test-release of Ulteo too often now for my taste and I begin to feel that we won't see anything sensational - if we will see anything.

Duvals project sounds interesting but also very illusionist imho. I doubt that it will have any impact on humanity, ecology and the computing world. Sorry, but I somehow begin to think that Duval is a bit of a dreamer. A dreamer with terriffic coding skills. But still a dreamer.

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You would fit nicely with Mandriva Management , saying that their product are high quality as they are now.

* There not competitive
* They are obsolete
* they are poor even compared to Mandriva own mediocrity in the past.

About Gaël Duval :

He got played and had by people who said they where is friend and who did not do the job they said they would do , Jacques Le Marois the most responsible for Mandriva , bad management and bad posture and Frédéric Bastok , but whats worst is they brough in people who are more incompetent at management then they are : Henry Poole and is click , François Bancilhon , all the global sales team manager .

Now only from a business point of view since François Bancilhon as taken the top management positions he has :

Put the company in cessation des paiement wich is not bankrupty , but was called as a bankrupty and not answered to , wich drove the client away or at arms lenght ( company dont invest in bankrupt company.

He as cut everything but is salary wich should be 1$ , he as acquired action due to special deal he made , when in shoul dbe giving them back for his poor performance.

it was a 30 million company , now due to is action they are a 14 - 16 million one , when it ssuppose to be at minimum a 1 billion company.

The Club is not working at 1% of its potential and is loosing more Members then ganing new one.

The Professional solution are not known or discussed.

The General public solution are expansive and not really targeted and optimized for those users and the budget made from the division and the Mandriva Club division are ported back into the professionnal products at the detriment of the user product and Mandriva Club development.

Marketing at Mandriva is a joke.

The OEM sales are almos enexistant even do the got on Dell France ( Only not global just France ) hardware officially.

They are considered a niche market player when they are more global then all the Debian put togheter.

Mandriva was the leader , it kicked out SUSE to the curve who are now a Novel division , it even beat two years in a row Red hat in the US in recorded sales.

They completely Botched there IPO and are on an unregulated market.

They missed the PHP server era completely even do they almost helped create it entirely.

etc ... etc ... etc ...

The above still quote

Jacques Le Marois >Chairman of the Board

He was replaced by Francois Bancilhon

David Barth, Chief Technical Officer not Frederic Lepied.

Gael Duval > Communication

Why is it so important , its based on the reuters feed , anyone with half a second of research can see that they dont even care about the basic of there financials and image , I would not dare imagine how the rest is ruined.

Yes , you would fit nicely with this bunch of incompetent ...

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RE: Boycot Mandriva
by chemical_scum on Mon 25th Sep 2006 15:43 in reply to "Boycot Mandriva"
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I've already moved to Ubuntu as I aguess a lot of old Mandrake users have. If Ulteo seems promising I'll give it a try when it comes out

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