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OSNews, Generic OSes How often have you rebooted your TV set in the past year? Probably a lot less than you have rebooted your computer. Of course there are many "reasons" for this, but increasingly, nontechnical users don't want to hear them. They just want their computer to work perfectly all the time and never crash. MINIX 3 is a project to develop an operating system as reliable as a TV set, for embedded systems and mission critical applications, but also for future $50 single-chip laptops and general desktop use. The focus is being small, simple, and reliable. Note: This is the last entry for the Alternative OS Contest.
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X is no longer a GUI
by HappyGod on Mon 25th Sep 2006 08:21 UTC
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Currently the user interface is just X, but someday a GUI may be added if a suitable lightweight GUI can be found.

And here I was thinking that X was a GUI. Glad he cleared that up.

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RE: X is no longer a GUI
by Dinadan on Mon 25th Sep 2006 09:26 in reply to "X is no longer a GUI"
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from Wikipedia: "X provides the basic framework for a GUI environment: drawing and moving windows on the screen and interacting with a mouse and/or keyboard. X does not mandate the user interface individual client programs handle this."

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RE: X is no longer a GUI
by Morin on Mon 25th Sep 2006 09:55 in reply to "X is no longer a GUI"
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X is not a GUI by itself. The main components of X are:

- an abstract interface to device drivers for displays, keyboards, mice, etc.
- a network protocol to connect to remote I/O devices
- an architecture for sharing these devices between applications

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