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Intel Quad-core processors are only the beginning of what a revitalized Intel has to offer, the company's top executives said here Sept. 26. The chip maker will deliver in November its first quad-core processors - chips that incorporate four processors each - for both desktops and servers, said CEO Paul Otellini here, in an opening keynote speech at the Intel Developer Forum. The quad-core chips themselves will offer up to 70 percent greater performance in desktops and 50 percent in servers.
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Intel architecture.
by jcinacio on Tue 26th Sep 2006 23:56 UTC
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Intel may have a great cpu but it's shared bus architecture really falls behind AMD's Hypertransport.

On servers this will hit bad, because something like GbE nics or a couple of fast SATA HDDs will choke the BUS.

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RE: Intel architecture.
by DittoBox on Wed 27th Sep 2006 00:57 in reply to "Intel architecture."
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Sources? I'd like to read up on that.

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RE[2]: Intel architecture.
by smitty on Wed 27th Sep 2006 02:20 in reply to "RE: Intel architecture."
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Do a search about Intel's next generation bus, called CSI, which is a lot like HyperTransport. That'll basically tell you why the old FSB architecture sucks.

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