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Intel Quad-core processors are only the beginning of what a revitalized Intel has to offer, the company's top executives said here Sept. 26. The chip maker will deliver in November its first quad-core processors - chips that incorporate four processors each - for both desktops and servers, said CEO Paul Otellini here, in an opening keynote speech at the Intel Developer Forum. The quad-core chips themselves will offer up to 70 percent greater performance in desktops and 50 percent in servers.
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Why talk of average users?
by anonymous-bert on Wed 27th Sep 2006 13:18 UTC
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These systems are for pro's and enthusiasts. I may not always be utilizing the full power of my system, but when I do, I'm glad I have it.

Here's an example, lets say that for one of my clients I have to process 5 large datasets, encrypt the output and take a hash of the encrypted output. The script below would simulate this excersise:

In bash (on one line):
t1=`date +%s`; r=0; while [ $r -le 4 ]; do openssl rand 1234567890 -base64 | openssl enc -bf -k guess | openssl sha1 > /dev/null & r=$((r+1)); done; wait; t2=`date +%s`; t3=$((t2-t1)); echo $t3

On my MacPro here are the results:
4 cpu's = 139 seconds
2 cpu's = 269 seconds
1 cpu = 550 seconds

While this work is occuring, it is nice to be able to still use the system for e-mail, writing documentation, web research, listening to some tunes, etc...


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