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Privacy, Security, Encryption "The goal of this howto is building a NFS server that works on an SSH tunnel. This way all traffic between your hosts and the file server is encrypted and thus more secure. Normally you should enter a password every time you try to establish a SSH connection but since we could be mounting at bootup we will use ssh-keygen to create a keypair so we can login without entering a password. We will, however, limit that login session to executing just 1 command."
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This howto could be better
by darkmind on Wed 27th Sep 2006 15:26 UTC
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This howto could really be better :
1. It could have set fixed port number on the server. This way even after a restart, there should have no issue.

2. instead of SSH tunneling ( which need a user auth ), it could have use stunnel to do a SSL tunneling between the nfs client and the nfs server.

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