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Microsoft Anti-malware company Symantec has accused Microsoft of withholding key information about its upcoming Vista OS, in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage in the security market. Symantec claimed this week that Microsoft is refusing to hand over the APIs for Windows Defender, its anti-spyware product which will be included in Vista. Without the APIs, Symantec claims that it isn't able to ensure that its own security products are compatible with Vista. Microsoft, though, insisted on Wednesday afternoon that the APIs are now available.
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Microsoft should ban Symantec
by siti on Thu 28th Sep 2006 00:21 UTC
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Norton anti virus and internet security is the chief reason behind why computers running windows are slow. They can actually slow the computer down more than spyware and viruses.

I think Microsoft should not allow Symantec to even release a product for windows vista. Their reputation is being ruined by them.

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RE: Microsoft should ban Symantec
by akula on Thu 28th Sep 2006 00:33 in reply to "Microsoft should ban Symantec"
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Symantec Home products do tend to be bloated however considering the number of infected machines I've dealt with I think that people should still run it. I do however disagree with many of the home systems requiring a subscription to be updated.

Symantec Corperate products on the other hand are brillant. We utilise them reguarly at work and I have nothing bad to say about them. Yes they do still chew up memory however it is barely noticable on my old Duron 1.3 let alone my current Athlon X2. There are few apps that offer the central management features of SAV, which is required in large organisation to allow staff to protect large computing fleets (my team looks after over 1600 computers on 2 smaller campuses).

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