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Linspire In a move that some may have sensed was coming, Eric S. Raymond - one of the co-founders of the open-source movement - has joined the Freespire Leadership Board. Raymond believes desktop Linux is entering into a critical period, noting that historically, users have shifted operating systems during periods of fundamental changes in hardware platforms. He believes the PC vendors' embrace of 64-bit computing will provide desktop Linux a unique window of opportunity, which if missed, may not come along again for many years.
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What can ESR bring to the table?

An ego the size of a planet?

He certainly has that. But self-important windbag that he may be... he is right, you know.

If the ipod generation can't use an OS for the things they want their computer to do, that OS is not going to take off on the desktop. The problem with appealing to people's better nature is that they often either don't have one, or don't care enough to apply it to the things you would like for them to apply it to.

If Linspire can make devices "just work" that cannot "just work" in other distros for licensing reasons, I say "go for it"!

Nothing wrong with giving new users a stepping stone on the way to settling on a distro they can call their own.

As to his statements about GPL. Well, I happen to like the GPLv2. However, even its most staunch advocates cannot deny that GPL has its problematic side.

There is room for debate about the its relative pros and cons.

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