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Windows "Earlier this month, when I found I could install Windows Vista Release Candidate 1 (RC1) on my MacBook Pro, I quickly took the plunge, practically chortling at the thought that my dual-core laptop could run Microsoft's next operating system. What better way to show that when you buy a Mac you get two computers in one? I've been using Vista off and on for a couple of weeks now, but I'm not chortling as much." More here.
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RE: Typical Apple-Zealot Propaganda
by grrr on Thu 28th Sep 2006 23:34 UTC in reply to "Typical Apple-Zealot Propaganda"
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"they invented the GUI from Xerox" At least they did pay xerox also they employed some of the xerox smalltalk guys and really added some new ideas to the thing and they saw it was a good idea and bought it to a consumer product when other computer makers and software makers (ms ibm) where thinking the green flashing cursor was the hottest thing in gui design . Why do windows users hate apple users so much I am sick of being called a fanatic or fanboy while i'am pretty reasonable. I am also not smugg nor do I spend more on computers than the avarage windows fanatic fanboy.Apple witout any doubt was more imiganatif and inovatif than either IBM Microsoft or sun and vista just shows they still are.

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I don't realy know what makes you think i'm an Windows user at all. I don't hate Apple users (an realy rare species) i hate Apple Fanboys (pretty common species) as much as i hate Windows Fanboys or Linux Fanboys.

I just tired of all that Apple-Fanboy-Bullshit induced by Apples unreasonable Troll-Advertisement.
"Gentleman, start your Photocopiers... we already did".

Nothing the article claims as an Apple developement was invented by them. I also cannot believe there are poeple out there pretending Apple is innovative because they have pretty glossy cases and pretty colorfull themes. See the truth: Apple had memory protection and preemptive Multitasking in 2000. They are always the last to implement even the most basic technologys.

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I am sorry it is just that I seem to meet a lot of windows users who think I am a fan-boy or unreasonable because I use an apple computer. I see this repeated in the press and on the internet again and again and get a bit tired of it. I know both linux and windows very well and I think I have some very good reasons to have chosen apple (post os-x) but it has indeed also to do with personal dislikes and what I think a personal computer should be and it is more than just the looks it is also the concept of a computer and how computers change the world we live in . I think what you say about apple and Xerox is just not doing justice to the real story behind the mac but that story does not influence my decision to use a mac today but I think a company who is trying to sell computers may use that kind of image building to sell more computers the modern world is full of that kind of manipulation even open-source projects seem to do it just do not single out apple for that .

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Technologically, OS9 was a dinosaur. Apple was aware of this at least as far back as OS7. I'm glad they took their time and didn't just rush headlong into the first idea they had ( ) and foist it upon the users whether it worked or not. Not that anyone we know of does that. Ahem. But anyway, even with the dinosaur, Mac users were happy all along. They're just happier now (mostly). Execution outweighs theory.

Check the meaning of the word innovation. There's a reason the word exists. It's not the same as invention. The tiny little dictionary window that pops up if I hit ctrl-command-d while hovering over the word innovate gives me this: make changes in something established, esp. by introducing new methods, ideas, or products

Apple innovated their dock out of the statically available nature of a taskbar, the advanced functionality of NeXT, and the simplicity of one click. They innovated the universal menu bar out of the pre-existing menu bar concept and the need to eliminate redundancy and clutter. Same thing with the Inspector. Get Info / Properties type windows have been around for a good long while. Apple took that and made it cleaner and more powerful. They innovated the computer with no floppy drive and using universal buses for all peripherals, the trappings of a fully modern computer that the PC world still hasn't caught up to. They've made shortcut keys an art form. They've taken fast search and innovated it to something so straightforward it actually replaces file browsing. They took widgets and innovated them into something unobtrusively convenient. I can think of a bunch of other innovations, like the way Preview works, but they're harder to explain in such simple terms.

So yeah, citing things Apple gets credit for innovating that they didn't actually invent is meaningless. No one said they were Edison. They're really more like Ford.

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I agree, Fanboys are a pain. Then you go right into same old Windows Fanboy crap? "Gentleman, start your Photocopiers" isn't any different than Steve Balmer prancing around stage and losing his voice. Company events preaching to the choirs. Invention and innovation are never simply one man, one concept. I would assume you believe that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.

See the truth: Apple had memory protection and preemptive Multitasking in 2000. They are always the last to implement even the most basic technologys.

Lets remember the truth. The preemptive multitasking argument hung around for years. The awesome advanced technology that MS had over Apple, which was one of the primary reasons for Windows BSOD fame. All that 16bit legacy code for (marginal) "backwards compatibility". Of course Macs would crash under Systems 7,8, and 9, just not as often and rarely if every damaging the OS requiring a clean install and losing your files. Stability was in no way a reality for Windows until XP SP2 (what year was that?)

Now what real innovations will we have when Vista is finally released? Nothing I can see, and the author of the article gets it pretty well right. It is all about "bling". I have been using Vista RC1 for the last week. Windows finally has a decent looking desktop out of the box with smooth fonts and a softer less harsh display (no matter what a users personal preference about themes). I see no real advancements otherwise. It is the same old Windows underneath with a few name changes and a so called security system commonly refered to as UAC. More intrusive dialogs with some change text. We are being sold a bill of goods. If we are truly honest about it, Vista is trying to make a "silk purse from a sows ear".

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