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Privacy, Security, Encryption Microsoft unveiled details of its Strider HoneyMonkey research, a project that sniffs out sites hosting malicious code, and hands the information to other parts of the company for patching or legal action. The technical report (pdf) outlines the concept of cruising the Web with multiple automated Windows XP clients - some unpatched, some partially patched, some patched completely - to hunt for Web sites that exploit browser vulnerabilities.
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RE: RE: Bryan
by re_re on Wed 10th Aug 2005 22:45 UTC
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Is there somewhat of a double standard among the linux community..... yeah

Is there somewhat of a double standard among the Windows community..... yeah

However, I beg to differ on this one..... if a linux distro did this they would be b!@#$ slapped to the other side of the moon for this idiocy, especially since the vast majoirty of malitious sites don't even apply to Linux.

in fact.... I'de be the first in line to smack em.

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