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Apple David Maynor and Jon 'Johnny Cache' Ellch aren't telling the complete Mac Wi-Fi flaw story after all. At the last minute, under pressure from SecureWorks (Maynor's employer) and Apple, a talk at ToorCon here was cancelled and replaced by a 'rant' from Ellch about what he described as an 'unprofessional' approach to the issue by both companies. Ellch, out of respect for his friend Maynor, declined to take questions or talk on-the-record about the brouhaha, but he did release the text of his rant, which was aimed squarely at Apple and SecureWorks.
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RE: Apple saving face...
by grrr on Sun 1st Oct 2006 21:26 UTC in reply to "Apple saving face..."
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We do not know that. We are talking about people here who ware pretending they are careful with naming companies by hiding the third party card and have no problem telling a journalist about a apple hack.. Also they insulted apple user directly (said they like too put cigarettes out in apple-user eyes that kind of thing) they do not seem like very trust-wordy persons to me. I know it is very hip with nerds to insult apple users and then say there all fan-boys or apple-fanatics but it is getting so boring.

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RE[2]: Apple saving face...
by spook on Mon 2nd Oct 2006 00:16 in reply to "RE: Apple saving face..."
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seems like DM & JE have little ground to stand on when make statements about professionalism, maybe instead of throwing paddy fits about Apple and its users, they should prove there claims rather then crying, its a very boring and dull series of events that they have yet to prove they are correct

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