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Mac OS X Lunapark reviews the EyeTV Hybrid, and concludes: "If you own a Mac Mini and have it in your living room, the EyeTV Hybrid is something you should run out to buy immediately (I mean right now). For MacBook, MacBook Pro and Mac Pro owners - if want your tv fix on the Mac or you want an easy way to transfer television shows to your ipod, EyeTV Hybrid is a great choice. Personally I love the EyeTV Hybrid and would enthusiastically recommend it without any hesitation."
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"With the included EyeTV software you now have a full fledged PVR that is comparable to Tivo, Window Media Center or MythTV."

Caparable to TiVo? I don't think so. TiVo lite maybe but not compareable to TiVo. At least not to anyone that has ever used TiVo.

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Of course it's comparable to TiVo. TiVo has more functions, yes, but different people want different things. If someone really want their mac connected to the TV then maybe that weighs more than those extra functions.

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