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RE[6]: panic when install FreeBSD
by on Thu 11th Aug 2005 02:40 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: panic when install FreeBSD"

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>Nobody answered to your email because as a user,
>whenever you have a problem, first of all you're
>supposed to *read the documentation*. If you did, you
>would know that submitting the PR was the proper action
>in order to see the issue solved as soon as possible.

A helpful prod in the right direction doesn't take much effort.

Just because he may not have done exactly the right thing, the fact that he is running an unstable tree and is willing to report his problems should indicate that he is a valuable resource.

>I bet good testers are *extremely* welcome in the
>FreeBSD community.
>But the good testers are the ones who do submit PRs.

So says the FreeBSD community.

>Moreover: posting your issue here the way you did in
>your first message ("my laptop panic when installing
>FreeBSD!"...) really doesn't help you to solve your
>problem, and doesn't do justice to FreeBSD either,
>because on many laptops it runs just fine.

You guys also have this weird fetish with once off anecdotal reports. If one person reports a problem, a couple of people always chime in with "well it works for me", as if that is any proof of the absense of a bug.

It is also very condecending - like "oh I don't believe you could have hit a bug in our code, it must be a problem on your end".

Listen, you obviously don't think there is anything wrong with FreeBSD guys being arrogant assholes to their users, but you needn't feign surprise when you hear about it.

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Are you really shure of what you are talking about? You are using broad generalisations, like there was some homogenous group of "FreeBSD guys" to wich you can attribute whatever kind of behavoiur you seem fit.

Of course that is not so.

If you use FreeBSD and want to interact with members of the community (whatever that may be), you have to realize that you are expected to do some work on your own. You are expected to google for hints, check the FreeBSD handbook and FAQ:s and so on, before asking questions.

I think that if you really took your time to follow some of the mailinglists you would find that there is in general a friendly and cooperative attitude, even towards newbies, as long as they show that they are willing to do their part of the job - that is: to learn and contribute.

Shure, there *are* some arrogant assholes. Personally I think that the world would be a little better without them. On the other hand: each community has its part of assholes. One of the reasons that I like FreeBSD is that there are relatively few assholes around (compared to some other communities).

Having read these threads, I find it hard to see what it is that have upset you so much. I cant recall anything that make me think of "arrogant assholes". Not even your post that I'm replying to.

You seem to have a pretty thin skin. Take care.

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