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SCO, Caldera, Unixware Novell appears to be attempting to cut off SCO's lifeline to its cash reserves. By not focusing on the arguments over who owns what in Unix but instead hammering on the far more simple matter of SCO not living up to its business contract, Novell hopes to put a quick end to SCO and its seemingly endless Linux litigation.
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RE[4]: Title has it backwards
by twenex on Tue 3rd Oct 2006 22:24 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Title has it backwards"
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Whether or not Linux is "a competitor" to MS, the Halloween documents prove that at one time, at least, Microsoft were seriously worried about the effects of Linux on their business.

Either way, it is very suspicious that within a very short time frame they (a) gave Corel a large cash injection; (b) Corel stopped porting WordPerfect to Linux; (c) soon after SCO's litigation against IBM (which they loudly proclaimed was an attempt to claim back "lost" profits) Ms gave them (SCO) a cash injection. It proves nothing, but it is, as I said, highly suspicious.

Of course, they *may* have been paying SCO for royalties they already owed them, but I suspect that if there had been a general panic in the industry over SCO going after licence-fee defaulters, (a) Novell would have been in bed with them, (b) other companies would have been quick-as-a-flash to pay up.

Someone who's not afraid to stand up to IBM (whether through bravery, arrogance or stupidity) is not going to be afraid to stand up to HP or SGI.

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