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OS/2 and eComStation The August edition of the VOICE newsletter is out. VOICE is a newsletter for the OS/2 community. The August edition includes articles on of course IBM quitting support for OS/2, OS/2 in the living room, image acquisition and much more.
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RE: poor guy's dictionary ? :)
by on Thu 11th Aug 2005 05:43 UTC in reply to "poor guy's dictionary ? :)"

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From the link:

"It should play music (MP3) as well as videos (MPEG), and I would also like to view pictures (photos)."

:] I (me) really (indeed) had fun (enjoyed) reading (browsing through) the article (text) on the linked web page (text with hyperlinks) ;)

/* OS/2 just rocks. Still. */

Owwww, Come one.... :-)
Music in this context could mean a lot of things, like ogg files, vqf files, wmf files and such. The guy just added the note for the sake of clarity. Same for video (He evens warned on the article that he already had an appliance dedicated to record TV shows into DVDs, so he didnīt need his Multimedia PC to do it... See, I did it, too! :-)).

But I have to agree with the pictures (photos) thing: Who the hell spends time browsing pictures on his living room other than family and/or travel photos? :-P


DeadFish Man

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