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Legal As expected, Microsoft said Tuesday it has appealed a July fine by the European Commission with the Court of First Instance, the European Union's second highest court. It accuses the EC of prolonging the case while the Redmond company attempted to comply with the ruling. Microsoft vowed to appeal after the EC handed down the 280.5 million euro fine on July 12. Before that ruling, he regulatory body had never fined a company before for failure to comply with an earlier order.
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I'm mean...
by bnolsen on Wed 4th Oct 2006 04:09 UTC
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Crush 'em and fine 'em more.

Rumours are the US gov't approached the EU to try to make them be easy on them. I just hope those are only mean rumours...

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RE: I'm mean...
by JMcCarthy on Wed 4th Oct 2006 05:05 in reply to "I'm mean..."
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What would be wrong with that?

Don't doubt there are political motives on the EU's side too.

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RE[2]: I'm root mean square...
by glarepate on Wed 4th Oct 2006 06:10 in reply to "RE: I'm mean..."
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What would be wrong with that?

What is wrong with our government attempting to interfere with the legal processes in the EU by intervening on behalf of the company that got nailed for the same misbehavior here and in South Korea?

Well, what would be wrong with the South Koreans attempting to get the U.S. to punish MS more severely since the judgements against them aren't being enforced to the satisfaction of the Korean politicians? If it's OK for us to do it ...

Don't doubt there are political motives on the EU's side too.

How about if the EU decides to prosecute MS for abuse of it's market power at the request of several large U.S. companies? It's not political and it's done to benefit American companies and not EU-only interests. Oh, wait, that's the part you don't seem to be able to understand correctly. Well, work on that and then get back to us once you figure out what is actually happening.

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