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In the News A consortium of major universities, using Homeland Security Department money, is developing software that would let the government monitor negative opinions of the United States or its leaders in newspapers and other publications overseas. Such a "sentiment analysis" is intended to identify potential threats to the nation, security officials said.
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RE: No Way!
by kadymae on Wed 4th Oct 2006 17:57 UTC in reply to "No Way!"
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Who says it will be used to monitor forign opinions, I don't like that idea either. More like opinions of US Citizens. So, they can be classified as terrorists. Now that we have laws that allow our govenment to detain terror suspects for as long as they want.

Yeah, it's fun to answer the yay-hoos that want to lecture me about how soldiers are fighting for my freedoms in Iraq*, by snarking back that I'd rather they were here, fighting for my right to Habeas Corpus, since it it exists only as the whim of a despot now.


Back on topic, when this software gets deployed, I'm curious about how it's going to deal with being "spammed" with garbage keywords and misleading metadata, not to mention how it's going to deal with the use of euphamism in discussion. Sure, it will track the word "grenade", but if everybody's talking about wanting lots of grenadine, will it dismiss source as a hotspot of bartending enthusiasts?


*My cousin Matt and my brother's best friend, Aaron are both in Iraq right now. Both of them have duties that require them to get out and drive around on a regular basis. I worry about them.

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RE[2]: No Way!
by ma_d on Wed 4th Oct 2006 18:45 in reply to "RE: No Way!"
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Never in history has an armed force successfully defended Habeas Corpus rights by being stationed within their own country...

I understand that you're preference is for freedom over safety, and I laud you for it; but having the US armed forces bored at home is definitely not the solution ;) .

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RE[3]: No Way!
by twenex on Wed 4th Oct 2006 19:49 in reply to "RE[2]: No Way!"
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That's assuming that the Iraq invasion has made us safer. Only we keep hearing how it hasn't.

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RE[3]: No Way!
by beowuff on Thu 5th Oct 2006 18:37 in reply to "RE[2]: No Way!"
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Who says they'd be bored? I say send them agains the white house!

At one time, the US was great. What's so great about it now? We're more like the Germans in WW2 now then ever...

Homeland Security... reminds me of "The Fatherland" speachs by Hitlar...

Invading other countries... Wounderfull stuff...

Who says we shouldn't rebel agains the current regime? Remeber the Independince war in the 1700's?

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