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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Is Ubuntu an operating system? Last week at EuroOSCON, Mark Shuttleworth gave the closing keynote outlining what he believes are the major struggles faced by the open-source/free-software community. During his talk, it became clear that Ubuntu is trying to achieve a radical shift in the software world. Ubuntu isn't trying to be a platform for mass-market application software: it is trying to be the primary provider of both the operating system and all the application software that a typical user would want to run on his machine. Most Linux distributions are like this, and I think it is a dangerous trend that will stifle innovation and usability."
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RE: Ubuntu and proprietary software
by Stemp on Thu 5th Oct 2006 21:19 UTC in reply to "Ubuntu and proprietary software"
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You want a Frubuntu ? or an Ubuntu OSS Edition ?

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Mark Shuttleworth plans to release an official "free software only" version of Ubuntu.

"Stallman supports the idea, but isn't happy with the name. Anyway, the name Gnubuntu will be kept, the corresponding domain is already registered - but with no content on it yet."

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"""Stallman supports the idea, but isn't happy with the name."""

I'm shocked!

Let me guess... it should be GNU/Gnubuntu? ;-)

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