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Red Hat Red Hat has an NDA cooperation with Marvell for the wireless chips that they want to use for the One Laptop per Child-project. The idea of this is that both parties think Marvell will be more open in the future, but this is absolutely not the path they should walk, according to OpenBSD's Theo de Raadt. "I am getting really tired of 'open source' people who work against the open source community. Our little group can probably take credit for having 'opened up' more wireless devices than the rest of the community, and therefore we feel we have a better grasp of the damage OLPC has done here."
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RE[4]: find it funny
by mikesum32 on Fri 6th Oct 2006 14:21 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: find it funny"
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Nope, it's to stop you from abusing the ones who made the content. You nor anyone else have the right to hurt others.

No, that's what copyright law is for.

DRM is about control, and vendor lock-in. You're at the mercy of whomever makes the DRM. They might go under, or maybe they'll decide you shouldn't have rights to the song, software or movie.

Chip makers: you, "Open Source" devs, need our stuff (specs.) But we don't need you. We already have (drivers) what you can offer us. You are not our customers because we can't deliver hardware on the terms you want.

Open specs mean that anyone that wants to make thier own driver can.

Shouldn't I have the right to use hardware I bought on whatever OS I choose ?

Maybe Mr. Chip Maker doesn't want to make drivers for QNX or Haiku or SkyOS.

Well now the community can.

Instead of behaving in a childish manner, protesting rudely and other non productive ways, why not advocate OSS-friendly vendors instead. Is it that hard?

Not protesting rudely ! Advocating OSS friendly vendors is well and good, but that's like preaching to the choir. Why not help (or embarrass) less OSS friendly companies until they change thier minds ?

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