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3D News, GL, DirectX "Open-source support has appeared by default in X.Org 7.1 for R300 generation GPUs. While ATI does not officially support these R300 open-source drivers, this alternative have been gaining momentum with users largely due to the lack of GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap support in fglrx. This extension is needed for the AIGLX desktop eye-candy. These drivers do lack TV-out support and many other features found within ATI's fglrx drivers, but how does its performance compare?"
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RE: Is this guy on crack?
by Ford Prefect on Fri 6th Oct 2006 14:59 UTC in reply to "Is this guy on crack?"
Ford Prefect
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No, this guy is probably not on crack.

It is arrogant and ignorant to believe your own preferences are the only reasonable ones.

I also work on a PC with an ati r300 card in it. The proprietary driver sucks. I can't change the modeline with xvidtune, and the default one makes my monitor do a high frequency noise. GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap is missing, as the author pointed out. Suspend to disk doesn't work right.

It seems it is a big mess and the *only* thing working better would be OpenGL accelerated games. Even benchmarking the XRender speed revealed there was no big difference (in 2D accel. performance, that is). As I don't want to play games, but instead to get work done, you're right, there is no contest, as the proprietary driver just sucks and is kind of unusable for me.

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