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Windows One of the most innovative features coming in Windows Longhorn Server isn't really a feature as much as a whole new version of Windows. It's called Server Core, and it will only take one-sixth of the disk space of a normal Longhorn installation. It's not expected to need anywhere near as many patches and hotfixes as Windows 2000. It's a version of Windows that does not, in fact, use windows. It's breaking Microsoft's long-standing reliance on graphical interfaces and shaking things up in several of Microsoft's product groups.
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Value Added Windows
by pfortuny on Sat 7th Oct 2006 09:49 UTC
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(Value Added Windows). What will the price be? I guess they might as well sell it like this:

"Look, this Windows Server Core is more expensive than Windows Longhorn Server even though it implements a Windowless Windows Server. We also call it Value Added Windows: you get all the benefits of Windows without the Windows. No more Blue Screens of Death (just plain old black 'core dumped's).

It has taken us YEARS to discover this concept, and that is why we must charge you a plus (I mean, ANOTHER plus)... But you SEE all the benefits, do you not?"

By the way, the installation could also go like this:

Installing windows server core... Please install first Windows Longhorn Server and use the key you have received to install the GUI uninstaller.

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Server Core: Beginning with the Beta 2 release of Windows Server "Longhorn," administrators can choose to install Windows Server with only the services required to perform the DHCP, DNS, file server, or domain controller roles. This new installation option will not install non-essential services and applications and will provide base server functionality without any extra overhead.

Based on available information, Server Core is a PART of Windows Server "Longhorn"... NOT a separate product.

FTA: Server Core will come in Standard, Enterprise and Datacenter editions for i386 and x64 platforms.

Bad writing from the article author... Server Core will come WITH Windows Server "Longhorn" Standard, Enterprise and Datacenter editions.

Cut down versions of Windows Server that ONLY include the Server Core parts may come as well in the future, but I wouldn't bet on it.

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